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2015 Silverado LT, 5.3L
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Hey folks,
2015 Silverado LT with basic infotainment system. My display has become a bit quirky. I did not know that while the radio is playing, you can swipe up and it will display a whole bunch more station preset buttons. Weil, my system decided to do that all on it's own, randomly. They show up, the go back to normal. Just random. Sometimes it will display a screen that says that I cannot access what I want from that screen. That also appears and disappears, randomly.
I've known for awhile that the horizontal center of my touchscreen does not work on most of the displays. It'll calibrate, but still not respond on some screens.
So, I just removed the interface unit and reseated the connections. Didn't change the horizontal center issue. We'll see about the random preset buttons.
Has anyone else encountered strange things happening with this display and short of replacing it, what did you learn that worked to get it back to "normal"?
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