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Interior parts

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Has anyone had any luck locating interior parts (radio knobs, door handles, screw plugs)? I'm in Colorado Springs and I am having a hard time finding anyone that carries these kind of things. I would really like to avoid the stealership. Any suggestions???
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CKResto has a lot of parts. Is this for a suburban, what year? If it's really new, they may not have the parts yet.
Help section of any auto parts stores.

Without a year make and model we really can’t give you a good answer.
It's a 99 GMC Suburban SLT with gray leather interior.
Anything over 10 years old try a bone yard for parts for the radio.

Anything under that try a dealer.

Radio buttons you are at the mercy of the dealer, or bone yard.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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