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Diablosport is pleased to announce that the all-new inTune has just received an update to add support for many Ford vehicles including 99+ GM trucks, SUVs, Camaro, and Corvettes.

Performance Programmer
There is no setup required: simply plug the inTune into your vehicle's OBD-II port and select the tuning menu to automatically detect the ECU's calibration information. That will provide a list of available preloaded tunes to enhance both performance and economy. For example, an 03-05 gasoline V8 truck will typically see a 25 hp and 25 ft/lb torque gain with no other modifications running the 93-octane tune. As with all of our handhelds for those applications, the inTune will also contain an extensive list of available adjustable parameters to adjust the speedometer for gears or tires, set shift points*, adjust cooling fan operation, and much more!

*Transmission control currently available on 99-06 GM trucks, Corvettes, and F-Body. 2007+ will get trans control module communication as a free update in the future.

inTune can do everything that a Predator could for a given application, but is far easier to use and is much more versatile overall. The most recent update has added support for vehicles that were originally covered by the following Predators (click individual links):

U7198 1999-03 Trucks, Corvette, and F-bodies
U7193 03-05 Trucks, 2004 Corvette, 03-04 SSR, 04 GTO, 03-05 Hummer H2, 04 CTS-V
U7191 06-07 Trucks/SUV, 06-07 Hummer H2
U7191 2006 Trailblazer SS, 06-06 SSR, 2005 Corvette, 05-06 GTO, 2006 Pontiac GXP/Impala SS/Monte Carlo SS

Click here to see the Mopar and Ford applications the I-1000 also covers with the same part number.

Full Support for Custom Tuning with gasoline applications
One important feature is that it fully supports custom tuning, and can store multiple files for a vast array of modifications. This could very well be the last handheld you ever need for your GM car or Truck!

Data Logging
The inTune offers users the ability to log and record information from the stock sensors in a numerical readout format, as well as additional input to log data read by an added aftermarket sensor, like a wideband O2 from such companies as AEM or PLX, an EGT sensor, and more.

Diagnostic Code Reader
The handheld device can also be used as a diagnostic code reader. You can save hundreds of dollars each year by reading/clearing your own computer codes rather than paying a dealer to do the same. This function can be used to pull all engine-related trouble codes.

Automatic Online Updates with Mac compatibility
Staying up to date with inTune couldn't be any easier: FREE updates come as downloads from the internet and load through our new Auto Updater with the included USB cable, requiring no software to install on your computer, and no additional purchases! This new technology means that sending a custom tune to the inTune is as simple as dragging and dropping it off the desktop of a Mac or PC. Updates can include improved tunes, new vehicle applications, better functionality and even new user interface enhancements.

All new applications are being added with FREE software updates to the existing device.

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