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Brand new to site, but read it intensively before my recent purchase.
I have an 04 Silverado 2500HD, with 19,000 miles--my best freinds father bought it new, and has since passed away.
Two question: I am starting to experience the "abs" break pedal to floor problem that is such common complaint. I have read that there was a recal on these. How do I go about having this looked at? I know I have to contact chevy garage and explain, but will I get crap not being the original owner? Also, truck was purchased new almost 4 hours away from present location--will any chevy dealer take a look?
Second question, and NOT nearly as serious.
My truck , as already mentioned, is an 04 2500HD, 2wd, longbed, with a manual 5 speed transmission. I love it, 17+ mpgs at 69mph.
I asked a couple of chevy guys about it and they didn't even think they made such a combination. I know manuals aren't really desire, but I have always had a "stick".
I'm thinkin with all the crappy forums on gas mileage, maybe I lucked out.
Thanks in advance, appreciate each and everyones assistance.

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Hey, welcome to the site. Glad you like your truck overall and that's very low miles for an 04! You can call your local GM dealership and they can do a VIN lookup to see if you've had any recalls completed for your truck or not.
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