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Over the last Month 2 Times I got into My Truck and my "Digital Speedometer" Was GONE! What was in the Display was from the Infotainment System. It was a Sirus New Song that was Playing. I Could NOT Get the DIgital Speedometer to Show back up I went though All The Settings and Options and Still Could Not get IT BACK! On Sunday It HAPPENED Again. This Time I got in my Silverado and the "Digital Speedometer" was again GONE but the CD in the CDE Player was in the Dsashboard Display. I have NEVER Changed any Setting from the Day I Drove it on the Dealerships Lot and This IS A Pain to get Back. The first Time I know someone that Works for GM and He Played Around for 30 Minutes and Finally got it back but he is Not Sure How he Did. I use the Digital Speedometer to set the Cruise Control and Accustom to Seeing it and I went thru the Setting in the Dash Display and Cannot Find the Digital Speedometer to get It Back!
Why does GM / Chevrolet Make Chages and Not Return the System to what I had a a Default? And When I purchased my Truck did I agree to Allow them to do This? Also Can Someone get This To Stop HAPPENING?
And does any one have Step by Step Instructions getting this Digital DIsplay Back? It is a 2017 Silverado with many gadgets. Any one Know How to get this BACK?
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