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I just got some cleaning done down at JJ's Auto Spa in Mansfield, Texas and I was very impressed with the location. They've actually got a coffee bar, a real lounge with a big TV, a place to get hot dogs, candy, cold drinks, etc. Plus, their prices are really not all that bad, a pretty-near full detail with shampooed carpets, mats and seats for $95, takes about an hour and they're right on top of you with answers to questions.

Anyhow, I had a good experience down here, they're a bit far out of the way for most people but it's worth a drive if you want to kill a Saturday morning, they're open from 8 am until 7 pm, so it might actually be a great place to have a meeting one morning this summer too, hot dogs are on me if we can do this.

(spoke too soon, they actualy did an "ok" job of cleaning everything up, I had to turn it back into them to finish cleaning. I paid $95 for carpet shampoo and seat cleaning/shampoo as well and they missed the back of the seats, there were some issues in the carpet that needed spot cleaning and they missed one entire seat that still had toys and popcicle sticks under it so I know they didn't even do that.)
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