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Just bought a 1989 Burb, & am new to the list [Expired Topic]

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Hello out there in Cyber land:

Just bought a 1989 Chevrolet Suburban, from a retired preacher, last friday (aug 11). The Burb has 150,00 miles, I paid $1500 for her.

The wife, kids (2 1/2 year old twins) then took off from San Antonio headed for Del Rio Texas, Saturday the 12th of Aug. The Burb ran great,
although the wind noise whistling thru the sagging doors was a little annoying. I did learn a few things about her from this trip...............

A.) gotta get the doors fixed as the wind noise drives me nuts

B.) the speedometer is 10 mph slow 60 mph on the speedo = 70 mph

C.) The Burb floats like a butterfly @ speeds above 70 mph

D.) the truck runs @ 210 degrees - is this normal? she has the 5.7 litre
V8 (350)

E.) She has the 4spd auto (is this the 700R4?) which on the trip home
this tranny scared the holy bejesus out of me when I kicked her
down to pass a car, & the tranny hunted back & forth between first &
second gear - as a car was coming @ us from the other way - did not
make the wife happy - had plenty of room till the tranny got confused

F.) I want to replace all of the bushings in the Burb with Polyureathane
who makes them for it

G.) My A/C compressor sounds like when you were a kid & you use to put
playing cards in your bicycle spokes - do I need to stress about it?
the A/C is cooling well.

H.) you can e-mail me off list at [email protected]

Very Respectfully,

J. Gary Bodnar
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RE: Just bought a 1989 Burb, & am new to the list

Sagging doors usually means you need hinge pins replaced, easy and cheap fix. About $20 per door, you may need the larger bushings but you will find out when you take off the doors.

Tire size? It may be the problem. Check the door sticker to see what size it came with and what size is on there.

Shocks, or maybe F

About the right temp. as long as it doesn’t go any higher.

Fluid change and filter in the trany, if the guy changed it regularly. If not don’t change it, run it till it dies and replace trany.

Ask local parts stores, NAPA, Car Quest, Pepboys, who ever you have local. Also I think there is a place here on the forum? Steve?

Not sure, not a real ac person. But it’s not supposed to make noises like that.

And Oh Ya,

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Welcome to the board! I've got to head out of town, looks like your issues have been looked at though.
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