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Newbie here! :lol:

Wow, I cannot tell you enough how much we are impressed with our new (used) 2004 Trailblazer, we just bought ours last night. It was so smooth and has so much power! We are still discovering things that we didn't know we had.

We paid $16,000 for it, and purchased the additional warranty to cover it up to 100,000 miles bumper to bumper. It currently has just just over 36,000 miles. I think the previous owners traded it in because it just ran out of it's warrantly.

We are planning to tow a Fleetwood Sequoia Tent Trailer with it. I believe it tows about 5500lbs, so towing a 3500 lb trailer shouldn't be an issue. Anyone have any experience with towing a trailer like this? The trailblazer is kinda dwarfed by the trailer, I'm sure it will look comical when we actually tow.
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