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Just wanted to introduce myself...

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Hello, everyone. My name is Ron and I currently live in Mesa, Arizona. I just bought a 1988 GMC Suburban 4x4. I am new to the Suburban scene, so if anyone can help me out with the best place to get aftermarket gear, I would be very appreciative. Right now, I am looking primarily for a good bar/step setup to put on already has a small lift, and between my bad knees and my wifes bad back, getting in can be quite a task! I am also looking for a roof mounted rack if anyone can tell me where I might look for that as well...please just keep in mind that I am only looking right now...not quite buying. I have enclosed some photos of a Suburban that looks almost identical to the one I just bought...the side bars and roof rack are exactly what I am looking for! I will also be looking very soon to do whatever I can to the engine (350 w/TBI) to increase my mileage a bit...apparently, Arizona has above average fuel prices right now!

So how many more people are there from my neck of the woods? Hope to talk to some of you!

Nice to meet everyone and thanks!!


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Welcome Ron my name is George and I live in Chandler. I have a 2004 Chevy Silverado 1500.
Welcome aboard. I am not from your neck of the woods, but I have an 86 Burb, and a 94.

The racks and step up, as you call them are available at just about any custom truck, van place.

On the net I’m not sure, I like to see things in person before I buy them anyway.

Again welcome aboard.
Hey Ron, I get out there every once in a while, was just in Tucson last month and I might be spending a LOT more time out that way come later this year.

I've got some leads for sponsors who will help give some web-based discounts on their stuff, including boards, racks, etc. Let me see what I can find in the next week or so and I'll post it inside the marketplace
Thanks for the warm welcome...hope to meet some of you one of these days!
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