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I have had to program many different key fobs, most different, heres a couple common ones though,

- hold Lock and unlock for 15-20 seconds and locks will lock and unlock to confirm. (thats usually for when your battery dies)

- turn the key from on to off 3 times, hold the door lock button either 30 seconds up or down,(try both) and the doors should lock and unlock then just hold lock and unlock, on the FOB, make sure you have all your remoted because youll need to program all of them.

- Find the Rke grounding pin, Ground it, (locks will lock and unlock) then hold lock and unlock on the remote till it locks and unlocks, and do all of them together.

- there was another one where you had to remove the BCM fuse, turn the ign on and hold lock and unlock as well i believe.

Give them a shot and lemme know if it works.
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