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Keyless problem [Expired Topic]

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I've got a '95 K2500. Any one know if there is a code in the glove box for a keyless entry.
I was led to beleive I had it, so I order a couple remotes. I tryed to program them and had no luck.
So I called Chevy and the parts guy couldn't give me a for sure answer even though I gave him the vin. He said his "guess" was it didn't.
He said that most of the trucks that came with it had AU0 on the build list. Of couse mine dosn't.
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Post subject: RE: Remote controls PostPosted: Mar 14, 2006 - 06:51 PM #1919
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You can verify this yourself. Look in your glove box in the dash for the RPO sticker (the one with all the numbers and letters) and look for "AU0". That is the RPO code for remote entry. If it is there, you have it, if not, you don't.
A lot of those places that advertise the remotes have you check only the interface connector under the dash and they indicate that based on the pins you see there that you can determine the remote capability. Specifically the G pin on the connector in this case. I know that Burbski's truck as the G pin.
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