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knock sensor help

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have a 2005 silverado with 5.3l. had code p0332 so i went to change out the knock sensors. front one came out just fine, the rear one however was completely rusted up. the hex on it was gone. no way of removing it. took the valley pan off, yes kind of forced it off but wasnt too difficult as the body of the sensor broke off the threads. not here is the problem. the threads of the know sensor is so rusted in that the port it threads into broke off.

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ive seen where people have done sensor relocation to front of pass head and driver side head above manifold. if i do that can i leave this port as in and put a solid valley pan on like the delete kits? please give me some advice on what to do next.
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You can do that or run both wires to the one good sensor.
the rear engine ks sensor is the intake manifold of that water ....use that small propane torch then use the socket in the ice water and then turn it off that sensor ... also that sensor is snapped off then the drill and use that reverse tool ...

you did that engine water spray on it .. that GM is the nasty sealer of the front engine upper intake manifold then the water is under it ....
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