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Larger Fuel Tank for 1/2 TON long body??? Help

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Folks, I know that the 3/4 ton suburbans came with the 39 gallon Fuel tank, but the 1/2 ton came with a 30. I want to know if anyone knows if I can just buy a 3/4 ton fuel tank and stick in my 1/2 ton?

I have the EScalade ESV AWD by the way, but I think it should not matter, as it was mostly the same as the 1/2 ton Suburban, except those are 4WD.

Any thoughts? By the way mine is a 2006 model.
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A) if you dont mind me asking whats the reason you wanna out the 39?
B) I am 99% you can because im 99.9% that my 1/2 ton has a 39 Gal.
I know my 1/2 ton Sub has a 37 gallon (that's what it says on the window sticker, though I can't find parts for it). You need to check to see if you have the square or the rectangular fuel tank. The rectangular ones go from frame rail to frame rail on the inside. The retangular ones hang to one side of the truck, to allow the exhaust lines to pass it. You should be able to strap a 40 gal in its place, but you'll need a new fuel pump/fuel level sending unit, unless the tank already has one in it. Good luck
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