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largest tire with 4" lift

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hey ive tried looking around for the answer but i cant find a specific one for our trucks....

i have a 2004 sierra z71 w/ a trailmaster 4" lift.... im trying to figure out the largest size tire i can get for my truck now. currently i have 31x10.5rx15 thank you
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You can go as large as a 33 x 12.50 with stock offset. I always like to change the offset out a little to make sure rubbing doesn't occur. I've seen some guys running 35's but they have also added a mild body lift.
hope that helps.
The reason you cant find a specific answer is because each tire will fit differently on each truck. At times even from the same manufacturer. Very few tires actually measure to their stated size. The different width, height, and offset of the rims also factors in.
The best way to find a perfect fit for your truck is to find a tire dealer that has tires mounted for fitment testing, or one that knows how to measure the truck correctly for articulation.
The front tires will be the hardest to fit so most of the testing/measuring should happen there, if they fit in front they'll more than likely fit in the rear.
33x12.50 is the most popular size upgraded tire, I've seen 34x12.50 and 10.50's and 35x10.50's used with no rubbing on this size lift.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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