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Largest tire without lift

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Howdy Groovers ~

I am hoping to pick ya'll's brains on the largest size tire I can run with out needing a body or suspension lift. The fine folks at Discount Tire don't seem to want to answer my e-queries without cash on the barrel head, so I am reverting to your expertise.
  • I am running a 2006 K2500 HD with the factory LT245 / 75 / R16 tires.
  • They 35,000 miles on them and are pretty well chewed up from the previous owner.
  • I want to upgrade to a set of BFG All-Terrains.
Can I run 285s or 295s without changing the center of gravity with a body or suspension lift?
What gains could I get on wheel-well spacing if I tried a modest 3in lift on the vehicle?

Thanks, folks ~
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I know a 285 will fit without a lift, I've seen one with this size on.
Most shops wont commit to tire size, each truck fits oversize tires differently depending on spring age, weight carried, and a long list of other things. Some shops wont even install larger than factory size tires these days theres to many liability issues.
4Wheel Parts Wholesale has pretty good knowledge on tire fitment, try their website. I dont endorse them for tire purchases though. Look elsewhere, something local that carries lots of truck tires in stock so you dont get nailed with shipping/freight charges.
yea 285 is prob the highest id go for your truck... here are some tire sites if your lookin: (good prices, decently cheap shipping) (very cheap, shipping a little more)
Hey without a lift I'd go with the 285/75/16's and if you decided to lift a little 305/75/16. If you call discount tire direct they may be alittle more helpfull I bought my wheels/tires off them and when I called they were more then helpfull and suggested max tire sizes I could go with. :great:
285 should be fine to run with minimal or no rubbing.
Fantastic ~

Gentlemen ~
This is exactly the information I was hoping to get.
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