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Leveling Kit

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I'm thinking of putting a 2" leveling kit on my truck. Does anyone have any cons for this? Will it void my warranty in any way or cause early wear to front end?


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Don't you have to buy taller shocks with leveling kits?
Nope. Been looking at a few leveling kits for my 2008 Silverado since I have been having problems touching the bed rails with a gooseneck cattle trailer when pulling out of a steep driveway. Luckily no major damage yet but you can see a few marks on the bed rail caps. Gooseneck is extended as far as it can go and still keep the rear end of the trailer from dragging the ground and have the torsion bars on the truck cranked almost to the max which helped a lot. Usually no problems pulling out when loaded but the empty trailer gives me a fit. Most of the kits I have seen have new keys for the torsion bars and a new extended bracket to replace your lower shock bracket so you can keep your current shocks.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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