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Leveling Kit

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I'm thinking of putting a 2" leveling kit on my truck. Does anyone have any cons for this? Will it void my warranty in any way or cause early wear to front end?


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Don't you have to buy taller shocks with leveling kits?
Sweet. Since I don't need taller shocks, it looks like I'll be installing a leveling kit a week from today. Next weekend I will be replacing my front hub/bearing assemblies so I'll go ahead and install the leveling kit I've been wanting since I'll already be down there an have everything torn apart. Both of those jobs would require an alignment so I'll do them at the same time and get one alignment. :)

I may need to get those nerf bars sooner than expected...

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I have the 2" Rough Country leveling was 65 bucks or so and i love it!...will not void warrenty and if you stay under 2.5" of lift with a leveling kit,you shouldnt see any early wear
Is this the kit you have installed?

Most of the kits I keep seeing are $150 to $300 for nothing more than 2 metal rings!!
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Yup,that is the exact same kit i have installed!...very simple to do since you will have everything tore aprt already...My kit was # 1307
Did you get a full two inches out of it?
Yes i did...i measured before and can so tell the difference now
Sweet. I think I'll go ahead and order it. One last question: how do I tell if I have aluminum control arms or not. The kit comes two ways - for aluminum control arms and for non-aluminum control arms.
Mine are black. Pretty sure they are not aluminum then.
2001 and 2WD

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Wooaahh!! I was just about to click submit on my order and I realized the leveling kit I linked to is for NNBS trucks!

Looks like the only leveling kit for NBS trucks is the circular coil spacers from Daystar.
I'd be careful with those Daystar spacers McClintoc. They're not usually made of solid material. If you go off-road at all (like bumpy field roads) you'll have to watch it. If I were you I'd get a leveling kit that had new shock/strut brackets and torsion keys. Pretty sure procomp and a few others make a kit like that.
A) it seems the synthetic (non-metallic) spacers from Daystar are all that is available for my old truck.
B) I don't think it will be too bad as I don't have 4WD nor do I do any off-roading. In this case, the leveling is almost purely for looks. They should hold up to daily driving.
Thats why i asked you what year on my last post...just to make sure!...least you caught youself before ordering...try this kit...these are made of steel also
Thanks for the link but 2.5" is too high and I already ordered the synthetic Daystars yesterday. :)
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