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Lift Kit, or Lowering Kit [Expired Topic]

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Just curious to know what the members prefer.

Myself, I think any vehicle that's lowered is basically a waste.
But I'm not here to make enemies, so if lowering is your thing, that's good.
On the other hand a 6 inch lift is obnoxious (again just my opinion)

I plan on a 3 inch lift at the most, I think anything more than that would just look bad.

Cast your vote!
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I like to try to go places that I shouldn't. Extra ground clearance is always a plus!
Kinda depends on the point of the ride, my suburban I am probably going to lift just a little bit, on the other hand my 1946 chevy pickup street rod is going to sit in the weeds on air bags.
Body lift or suspension lift????

On the subject of lift kits.....What is the prefered method? obviously there's a huge price difference between body kits, and suspension kits. I realize theres an issue of safety when it comes to any kit, since the center of gravity is much higher than before. But I think I want to go with the safest option. Just curious what the general feeling is about which is better. (body or suspension)
Suspension lift all the way if you can afford it. Get bigger tires as well to help counter the higher center of gravity. Allows you to get over bigger logs and obstacles too that the body lift doesn't allow.
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