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Lift or Level

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Hey guys a bud at work just got a 2008 silverado 2500hd crewcab lt he wants to put on a set of 20 inch rims can he get away with a leveling kit or will he have to go with a lift kit all the way around.
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i have a question, but didnt want to start a new thread since its about lifting.... i was thinking about putting a 2 inch lift all around my truck ( 2007 silverado classic) in the future if i want to put a 4 inch suspension lift on the truck, will that work with the 2 inch lift kit? the 2 inch lift kit uses leaf springs and torsion keys, and the 4 inch lift uses blocks in the rear and strut spacers.

4 inch lift :
2 inch lift:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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