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Liftgate closing/locking issues?

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I have a 2004 LS 2WD. Recently I noticed the remote unlocking stopped operating. With the doors closed, the interior lights don't fade out and I have to push the manual door lock twice to secure the doors. I think it has something to do with the liftgate/rear window not being recognized as closed or something (the rear gate does not lock at all unless I do it manually through the rear panel). I can't find any physical reason why it would think the liftgate is not secure (it is). Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Liftgate issues, Trailblazer

Right on target with these symptoms, apparently there has been no recall issued for the LGM. We have two of these Chevs and the 04 started acting like a fun house last Friday. Nice to know the rear gate will not lock, thank you (got lucky on that one for a few days). Please let me know if you have found any recall info on this.
$360 dollars at the dealer, wires in boot were chafed together as well.
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