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Lifting a reg cab question...

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OK... I had to wait on a new truck and now that I am ready none of the local dealers have anything that I want, so know deals for me:( anyway on a positive note I will be getting a 2012 instead of a 2011... probably have to pay full price.

My question is, does anyone out there have a picture of a lifted reg cab and how high is it? I know alot of guy's do a basic 6" lift on extended and crews but how high looks good on a reg cab.

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Don't regular cabs come with a V6 also? Yuck, but besides that..I think i've seen a lifted regular cab before and it looks pretty good. I don't know why someone would want a regular cab, i myself love having a bunch of space around me...i guess that comes from being a texan with tons of land around him at all times.
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