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Lifting my 99 Sierra c/k 2500

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Hey guys, newbie here looking for some answeres hopefully. I have a 99 Gmc Sierra c/k 2500, 8 lug non-hd. Looking for an extreme lift without body lifting. Found a company in the past offering 10-14 inches for my truck, but I forgot the company name. Anyone know of any companies that will offer my truck a lift that large? All I can find is 6" and even that is hard to find. Any help would be great. Thanks
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can't help you with the lift question but is your truck the old body style 99?
Full throttle suspension makes huge lifts for your truck from 6.5" up to 18"... and welcome!!
Not sure what you mean by "old" body style. It has torsion bars and leafs in the rear. Full Throttle was the guys I was looking for! Thanks for the help!
Yeah fullthrottle or bulletproof are going to give you the biggest. These lift aren't made for off roading if that's what your into.
yea Ive heard many different things about full throttle.... first I have heard of guys who wheel them and say they have never had any problems with it and that they are nice lifts.... However, I have heard the exact opposite of that as well. people say they suck and on their first drive after installing them and getting everything aligned the truck will track like crap. I have also heard that their sales reps are not the nicest people, it sometimes takes awhile to get the lift, and they have been known to send u the wrong parts from what you ordered... So be careful I guess... my feeling is that if you dont wheel it to hard and its mostly street truck and want that big, than go for it
I was just wondering if you had the same truck I do. :great:
wellhas buletproof had many complaints because i am not familiar with them
ok thanks for the help guys, my truck is the old body problem is I want to go 10" but still be able to do some pretty good wheelin. I knew a guy that had a 10" lift on his, same truck as mine, but he passed away, and can't remember what lift he used. It looked really good, but at the same time he said it help up great to the abuse he put it through. I'm not a huge trail guy, or into rocks, more just go out and play in mud. So, it sounds like Fullthrottle and bulletproof wont be options. As, my truck is NOT a street queen. Any more ideas? lol
you could always just do a skyjacker, fabtech, superlift, rough country or tuff country 6" with a body lift for a good 9" of lift... you'll be able to fit 38s under there no problem
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