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Lifting my 'Burb

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Hey Gang!
As you may or may not know, I've been wanting to lift my 2wd '91 burb. It took quite some time, but I found a lift kit for my 2wd burb at the rough country site. They only offer blocks for the rear axle with the kit, so I went off trying to locate some rear springs for the truck. I found this link and it looks like they might have the 4 inch lift springs that I was looking for. Now the question is, will these springs work for my truck? I don't recall whether I have the 52 or 56 inch springs, but they carry both. The issue I see is that they aren't for my specific yeah and model truck, so 4" lift may not really mean 4 inches more than when I'm running at right now... Would these give me 4 inches of lift on my truck and if not, where can I find some rear lift leaf springs for my truck. Thanks.
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I would think those would still give you 4" of lift and since your rig is a 2wd (and prob a 1500?) you will have the 52 inch leafs in the rear... if your willing to spend the extra money on rear leafs I would definitely suggest doing tho especially since the ones on there are 17 years old... also if your looking for springs I have seen some adds on TV for this place they seem to have a huge selection but Ive never used them before:
I've been curious, back in the old body style where my Suburban lays, aren't most or all of the front and rear suspension components the same amognst the same weight class and drive method (ie a 1500 2wd pickup is the same as a 1500 2wd Suburban)? I'm seeing a decent amount of lifts and such for my year range pickups (not the S10s, full-size), but they don't seem to list the Suburban.... Any ideas? Thanks
One problem using pick-up springs on a Suburban is the weight difference. I'd probably look at the 2500 series springs due to the heavier weight of a Suburban and If I remember correctly you plan to add more weight to the truck during your build.
The 52's will work and I recommend them over blocks any day. The frame arch and layout is the same from 2wd to 4wd so you'l get a 4" lift from the springs. Check the width of the springs before ordering, I remember Chevy having some oddball spring widths but I dont remember what vehicle they were on.
Chassis components are the same for like series trucks of that year, the difference is in spring rates and swaybar rates.
Dont forget new bushings for front and rear when you do the springs (even the frt coilspring rubbers could probably use a replacement).
Another recommendation when you do the front lift is repack the front bearings, replace the ball joints, and check the tie rod ends for any play. The lift is going to add more stress to these items and any slop in the suspension or steering will now be magnified with a lift.
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