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Finally gots me a GM product. Saw these forums and seemed like a good place to get established. Just purchased a 85 Burban, K1500 (it's got 4wd, I think it makes it a K) Sierra Classic. Few modifications that is has: 6" lift (supposedly), engine (5.7) with less than 10k on the rebuild, less than 5k on the transmission and transfer case, a power rear window w/ tailgate, a larger cam, and that's about it. I was wondering if anyone's got a few pointers for getting the most out of this truck?

Thanks and it's great to be here!!!

Oh yeah, I'm in the SLC, UT area.
Welcome to the site!
Pointers: headers, intake, exhaust... that's where I started with my '93. I'm from Twin Falls, ID, and my wife has relatives in Layton. I've been your way many times.

P.S. you are right... 4x4 is K, 4x2 is C
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