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You mentioned, you wish to keep your TBI. This is a bizarre requirement for a twin screw huffer. Are you thinking you can use the factory computer if you keep the TBI? Seems you need to step back a take a second look at the basic plumbing involved:
1. A centrifugal blower (belt or exhaust driven) is the simplest to set up because there are little or no modifications to the existing intake. Basically you apply positive pressure to your existing intake (carb or throttle body). Centrifugal units are relatively cheap, small and have various installation options.
2. Typically, a screw supercharger involves replacing the intake manifold. With the new manifold, you have the opportunity to go to direct port injection. What you have on top of the blower is simply a throttle body. The advantage of this system (for the street) is that the blower is pushing just air and doesn't have to contend with fuel. Yet, you're correct, the popular packages assume a carb atop the blower. They do this to avoid messing with the electronics required to run a multi-port FI. Perhaps, after the new ZR1 'Vette has been out for awhile, there will be more diverse after-market multi-port supercharger applications. Also, don't forget, if you have an automatic trans it's computer controlled, too.
IMHO, if you want to keep your TBI, then go with a centrifugal system. Or, find someone who has already done it successfully with a screw unit.
You didn't mention your location, are you subject to smog inspections? I don't think you'll find a 50-states approved screw supercharger, TBI, MPI or carb.
Good luck.
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