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Looking for Brush Guard

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I am looking for a brush guard for a 99 Jimmy. Any help would be great.
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Not sure where you are, but they show up on around here quite often.
your location would help out. also check junk yards i know by me there is one in there alot
check ebay thats where i got mine cost me $250 brand new.
brush guard

I will email you some pics tommorrow Sat. 3-8-08
I've been watching ebay for one and there are only a few to choose from $250 each.
got mine at jcwhitney with shipping for $120 powder coated black, three piece bolt together. No problems with it, actually has saved me $$$ from one accident and a few 4 wheelin misshaps doesnt have a scratch!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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