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Looking to buy an 88 Suburban

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I am looking in to buying a 1988 GMC Subyrban High Sierra. Its got a 350 with newer center bolt valve covers, automatic transmission, its a 4x4 1500 with leaf spring. Everything seems to be really nice for its age, is there anything special I should be on the look out for ?

There seems to be a small leak in the transfer case in the bearing seals for the yokes, its a NP 208 case, is this common ?

The underside is super clean, I know this bodystyle is prone to rust but this one seems to have escaped fairly clean. Are there any hidden areas of rust I should check for ?

Does anyone know which transmission it might have, Its probably a 700R4 since it has overdrive but I'm not sure.

Is there any problems with the fulltime front axle ? I'm used to Fords with the option to open the front hubs so the axle isn't spinning away underneath. And did any of these come with a front locking differential ? With the transfer case engaged I made a tight turn and the front wheels slid and skipped like a locker would.

Any info will be greatly appreciated, I will make the deal sometime this week, thanks.
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