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anybody got some advice. pulled lower intake mani. off due to gasket failure on my 2001 5.7 ltr express van 170.000 miles. started gettin lifter noise and oil pressures been very eratic. down to 0 at idle.pulled the oil pan to see if any clogging of oil pump. then noticed lil coolant rollin down crank.never any evidence of coolant in oil.any way, while i got it apart should i do any additional work ,maintenance, etc.should i do anything with injectors? i noticed on 1 lifter some scoring. there is some coolant in lifter valley..all sludged up, which i plan to clean.cpl of the rocker arms are a touch loose..should i tighten?.. i subscribed to alldata to get work done but they dont get into all the trial and error stuff..thanks for any help
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