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I lowered my TB with a 2/4 drop. I learned after I bought the TB that that is as low as you can go. My questions are:

1. Is there any way to go lower, that stupid front end so far has made it impossible, but maybe I am missing something.

2. I was thinking of puting a body kit on it to make it a little lower, I was told the body kit adds another 1 1/2 inch. I only found one place where I can see a picture but they did it on a navy blue (sorry don't know what navy blue is called by Chevy) and so I can't seem to get a good ideal of what my car will look like with a body kit.

Help me
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From your pictures, that's about as low as you probably want to go. The TB has a soft-tuned suspension, so you're going to have more movement and you don't want the bottom to get all scraped up
Well, I was thinking of a body kit Octane Kit&cid=Ch02TrailB&brand=AAS

they said it would drop it (or look like it is) another 1 1/2 inches. I know what you mean about bottoming out. I do it once every day. The intersections out here go up and then down, so if I am going 35 The back hits every time. sometimes, I think I will make it and thump thump the front and back hit. But I want it slamed to the groundor at least looks like it is.
oh the bpdy kit. If i buy from them I have a partial sponser and so the would pay 650.00 but then I have to spend around 250 get get it all painted and that is going through a friend. so a body kit would be about 1000
What do you mean a partial sponsor? I run a website for the TB and Envoy, I should have someone sponsor me! :)
Well, steve you aren't a woman......I got my drop kit cheap from flirting and I applied for a full sponsership which means they would modify my TB for me, and I would be required to show it in shows and take professional pics for their ads. I followed up and the TB was already done, so they said that they would be nice and give me a partial sponser wherein I get it cheaper and my car would appear in a few places. But down fall. the place is in Cali. long drive for you.
I used to live in Southern Cali. I worked down there, gasp., 10 years ago right now. I worked for my uncle doing a catalog for his company in Anaheim, and stayed with him a place called Foothills Ranch, down by Mission Viejo.
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