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LS Colorado??

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I remember the S-10s that could be had with a small block V8 straight from GM, and even later the V8 swap kits. Anyone think we'll see that anytime soon for the Colorados or have any information on it?
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I saw a colorado extreme ss, but they did not know if it would ever go into production.
The Colorado SS was just a concept, and will never see production.

Roweniii, I would check on's "Conversions & Hybrids" section, there was one person who was doing a LS1 conversion, but I can't seem to remember his name as of right now.
Was the Colorado Extreme SS a production car or a concept truck?
Oh, NOno443 answered me.
I'm not really sure about the engine swap...I've been trying to get some information on it. I was checking out eBay and a guy was selling his I-5 because he swapped to a 350...I haven't gotten a reply back from him yet, but I've also heard that a small block chevy will fit in an heard anything along those lines?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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