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LTZ's and backup camera

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Wow, I was just at the dealership getting the Captiva's windows tinted, and was out on the lot. The '13 LTZ's have a backup camera, and it shows in the rearview mirror...I want to retrofit my wife's 2012 one day with that!!!
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Do all LTZ models have the backup camera when you have the NAV package or was it an extra option? I just bought a 2014 LTZ with NAV and pretty much every option that came with it, yet I see no backup camera on the SUV nor a setting within the system. Is there a secret setting that turns it on/off perhaps?
It's deceiving. The manual talks about how to use it, but when I looked at the rear hatchback, there is no camera to be found. Must be a unique add on for some retail/rental markets. I wonder how easy it is to add one??
Funny you say that (not knowing what you have).

When I signed up for the free OnStar trial, it took my VIN# and it claims my car is "AWD". Hmmm...last I checked, I thought the LTZ was just 2WD with Traction Control and that was it.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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