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Lug Nut Lock

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I went to get my back left tire replaced today, only to find out that I have a lug nut lock on the wheel. I have the All-Star package with the 20 inch wheels. I was wondering where exactly is this key to the locking lug located. I called my local dealer just to see if I could get another one just in case. They told me GM uses 20 different lug lock styles. He also told me it would be $30-50 for a key.
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50 bucks for a key? I own a set of locking lugs (the kind where every lug is a locking lug) and spare keys are $10.50 including shipping. (The first thing I did was buy a spare key -- considering you HAVE to keep the key in the vehicle if you intend to be able to change a flat on the road.)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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