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Lumina or Chevy Venture vans

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Are any of these vans still on the road? :)
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I think i saw one last year in Antwerp :shock:
Someone should hold a minivan collision derby (what are they called???) ... you know, where cars crash into each other until only one is left running.
This is going to drive me nuts. I can't think of the term for the type of event where cars crash into each other on purpose. I can't even google for it, becuase I don't know what to google for!
Is it a destruction derby???
Hahah, found it. A DEMOLITION derby! :)

They should have a demolition derby for minivans!
In that case Dodge Caravans should be lit on fire, and used as obstacles in the arena.
I'd pay good money to see that. :)
I'm in! but hell hath no fury like a soccer mom. So careful with the mini van comments LOL.
If you're in a minivan, you're just bout always able to get into the carpool lanes...they'll say "Ahh, he's got 5 in there for sure" :biggrin:
I don't know about a demolition derby for minivans. One of my friends participates in demolition derbies. Seems to have a lot of fun with it. Right now he's got an old Suburban waiting for an appropriate derby to participate in. I think that would be better than a minivan derby: A full size SUV derby.

But the real derby I want to see: I think they call it a combine demolition derby. If you don't know, combines are one term for those big farm implements that harvest grain/corn/etc. (Frank from the movie Cars).
I'm in! but hell hath no fury like a soccer mom. So careful with the mini van comments LOL.
Hi Cable Guy. Sorry I didn't get back to you on my G.P.M I was out of the
city on the ranch in Hudson Bay SK. I drive a Chev Lumina Van with a 3.8
in it but not sure what I'm geting with it. I had a problem with it and was late
getting back to Saskatoon SK. bye two days
looking for a new steering gear for my 98 chevy venture

any good sites for prices?
Did you try Summit?
Chevy Lumina

Hi Steve
I have a 1992 Lumina Van 3.8 I really like it . It has more leg room then
some of the newer vans. Will:money:
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