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Maintenance Suggestions for 96 Suburban 2500

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Hello Group,

I just bought a 96 Suburban 2500 4x4 with 7.4L with 138K miles and was making a list of preventive maintenance and wanted some input from the experienced ones. It will be a part time tow vehicle for my 31' travel trailer. The a/c blows warm so I am hoping it just needs freon but I have noticed that the electric fan in front doesn't come on when I turn on the a/c and neither the a/c compressor. It has a slight leak under the front differential so besides getting that fixed I wanted to get the front and rear diff fluid changed.

Oil change
Trans flush
Brake fluid flush
Engine coolant flush
Possible power steering fluid flush (if recommended here) since it also provides pressure for my brake system
spark plugs, cap/rotor possibly wires and PCV valve
Sea foam in tank possible some in oil pan and in PCV valve hose (not sure)
Cleaning of the TB and IAC with carb cleaner
Mass Air cleaned with the spray on and dry mass air cleaner (not carb cleaner)
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x2 on what racekid said. Although if your talking about dropping the pan and changing the filter it probably wont be a problem. If your totaly flushing the entire transmisson you may notice problems and it can also cause your transmission to shift hard and slip a little. This is because the abrasive material that wears off the clutch packs helps to work as a friction material and without it in the fluid your transmission may slip for awhile. If you do flush it you should put an aditive in it to help it stop slipping. I know that lucas makes a decent one and I think Bars also does. I know the lucas one works pretty decent because I have people come in to work a lot explaning how they flushed there system and then it slipped. I recomend they use the lucas stuff and they said that it has helped a lot.

Also check your wheel bearings, balls joints, tie-rod ends, shock absorbers, ect...
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