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Major Accidents!!! -- Drive Carefully! [Expired Topic]

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It's been raining cats and dogs in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area over the past few days ... good, we need the rain. Looks like it will let up today.

However, I've seen or someone in my family has seen 3 different majors accidents in the past 48 hours. Drive smart and drive carefully!!!

1) On my way home from work last Friday night, a Nissan Tital pickup t-boned a small coupe in South Arlington, Texas. I was one of the first cars on the scene after the collision, some people from a nearby restaurant were coming out in the rain to help as I drove over the debris from the wreck. The people were still in their cars.

The guy in the pickup was driving south at 50 MPH and the little coupe pulled out in front of him. The truck hit them head on, probably didn't even have time to brake. Not that it mattered becuase there was 1" of water on the road and they couldn't have stopped if they had wanted to.

I pulled over and stopped, other people got to the cars before me. Looked like a young couple in the car, the driver was hurt fairly badly, probably broken legs, pelvis, lots of internal injuries. It took about 3-4 minutes for the police/fire/ambulance to get there.

2) My wife and son went to see her grandmother in East Texas --- the land where the space shuttle came down in pieces a couple of years ago. On the way back, they got caught in the storm on FM 175 (that's a texas road type -- Farm to Market 175).

They were traveling north at 50 MPH. A dually truck was traveling south at 70 MPH and fishtailed right in front of her. The rear-end almost clipped my wife's car. She looked in her mirror and saw the truck flip several times and it landed upright in a ditch.

They turned around and went back to the truk. My mother-in-law is a nurse so she got out to check on them. It was a man, woman and two teenaged kids. The woman looked like she had cracked ribs and some other broken bones like broken legs, etc.

3) We were at the Costco wholesale store getting some stuff for the new house on Saturday afternoon. I went to take the kid to the car and I heard what I thought was a couple of gunshots. Nope, it was someone in a smaller pickup who probably ran a red light and smacked into a late-model cadillac. (I couldn't tell what type of truck, the front end was crushed in like 3 feet)

The caddie spun around and hit the minivan behind them, that's how hard they got hit. They forced a caddi to spin around like an ice skater.

Anyhow, all I have to say is be carefull out there. Know your vehicles limits and pay attention.
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Just saw #4 tonight. A compact truck pulled in front of a sedan on a major secondary road. Truck looked totaled.
Word... Its been raining over here in the greater san francisco area as well. Well all over cali really. I have seen a couple of bad accidents as well. I saw a camaro that spun on the bridge making two other cars crash as well. The end result was a camaro in the center divider with two cars. I also saw a truck that spun out on a smaller 2 lane highway. The truck spun out and was in a ditch on the side of the road. I have also seen numerous minor fender benders on the daily grind.
I grew up on the west coast, I know what you mean about the rain over there.
Yeah, its been crazy out here lately, tornado warnings, flooding, power outtages. Its nuts. And to think that it was like 70-80 last week, and now this. Its like WTF?? LOL!
Yeah, the weather can be crazy anywhere, but the rain that can come off of the Pacific is something else. I mean, it's just a straight and steady rainfall some years, the el nino/la nina experience. Seattle was like that this year and also in 1998-1999 for Winter.
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