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March ROTM-03/06/08

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Thanks for all the entries for the March 08 Ride of the month! It's a tough decision with so many deserving people so a winner will be annouced on Thursday March 6th.
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Shall we prepare speaches?? HA HA HA

I'll be on a plane to Columbus, OH.

I cant wait to see which one gets picked... there were lots of sweet rides.
I'm biting my nails here! I was confident at first, but there are two other entries that really stand out and I wouldn't mind having a truck exactly like theirs. Please let us know soon :glasses:
Sorry guys, I've been sick as a dog and we had to hit the store too tonight, just been under the weather, spent 3 hours at the doctor this AM, just beat. I'll try to get this posted before I hit the sack tonight. ...

-- update, sorry guys, I'm just spent and have to hit the sack ... have to get up in 5 hours for an important meeting in Dallas tomorrow. We'll get 'er done in tomorrow.
Hope you feel better Steve!
sure not fun being sick,is it?
I'll be so happy to get over my cold
Yeah hope you are ok. I hope you do not have tha flu that is going around Ive heard its pretty bad and normal flu medications are not helping!! :(
Hope you feel better Steve, I have been getting steam rolled for the past 2 days..

Good luck to the runners..
Hope you feel better Steve, I have been getting steam rolled for the past 2 days..

good luck to the runners..
This flu going around must me a north amercian flu. Ive been sick for 3 weeks! Hope everybody is feeling better soon. Dont worry about it taking another day Steve, its only one more day sitting on pins and needles.:grrrrrr: Just kidding:rofl:
I've been down for a week with a bad head cold, coughing so much it makes my throat sore.
so congested I've had hard time sleeping
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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