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I'm thinking my truck would be a good candidate for one of these months; although, that slammed Silverado is pretty sweet looking.

Anyway, I'll plead my case:

Silverado Crew Cab 1500 2WD 5.3

1. 6 inch Procomp Lift + 3 inch body lift = Over compinsation (ha ha)
2. Volant Air Intake
3. Superchip (Cortex) Power Programmer
4. 3 inch Flowmaster dumped before the rear-end
5. Custom two tone paint
6. 20 inch Moto Metal Rims covered by TOYO Open Country M/T
35 X 12.5 0R 20LT Tires
7. And of course the Tinted windows.


1. My door speakers are FOCAL K2 series
~Fronts are 6.5'
~Rear are 5.25'

2. then a custom fiberglass box
~TWO Kicker 10' L7's that push about 450watts each.

3. Subs and midrange speakers are powered by two AUDISON LRx series Amps
~1.1k which pushes about 1100 watts at a 1 ohm load
~4.1k putting just over 200 watts a channel

4. All this is fronted by a Kenwood DNX 7100
~In dash DVD/NAV
~Also connected is my 80gig Ipod stuffed with all kinds of goodies.

Dont forget the 'SEMPER FI' sticker across the top of my back window.
(although not shown in these pics)

To finish off the job I still drive it like a truck!
(in the sand and mud)

More pics of my truck can be found




Pics of my stereo and custom install can be found off this site and forum


A short clip of me sending it through a mud/puddle can be found here



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ROTM - Feedback.. HA HA

That is exactly the feedback I was looking for!! :lol:

WOW! :sign0173:

I'm totally joking, just wanted my thread to pop up close to the top so new peeps can take a look, and refresh the minds of the more salty forum go'ers. HA HA

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