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metal bracket under radiator... part name???

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I apparently ran over something with my 2002 Trailblazer (4WD, LT if it matters) because I have a metal L shaped bracket that got pulled back and ripped when it got caught on whatever I ran over. theres an idental, mirror image part on the drivers side. the bottom part of the "L" rests under the radiator (far end possibly supporting some of its weight?), and the top part is held with one nut to the frame behind the bumper or grill. I cant for the life of me find out what this part is called. Not even in my Haynes manual. I even called dealership parts stores and the best they can tell me is to bring it in to look at it. It looks like a simple replacement. Anyone have any idea what this part is called, and if so, a OEM part #?
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I believe it is called the lower radiator support if it is the full length of the radiator.

Now if it is just under each side of the radiator, a small rubber part that I believe is the radiator support bumper. There are or used to be four of those in the older vehicles one on each corner.

Now I could be wrong about the second ones name but it should be close enough to get the part at the dealer Chevy parts store.
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