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I figured since we have a New Michigan regional sub-forum that we might as well help each other out. If you have had a good experience with a local shop or know of one that is fare and does good work let your fellow Michigan members know.

Here is my recommendation, I have had this guy do all of my gear work. Chances are if you go to a car show in my area and start talking to the owners of the hotrods, when you ask who did their gear work 90% off them will tell you this guy.
If you need rear end or regearing done in or around the Waterford area I suggest the place below. He has been in business for around 25 years. He does honest work at a fare price. If you have a drive train noise and take it to him, he will test drive it and diagnose it for free. Then give you a rough estimate of the cost of repairs. His estimates have always been right on or higher than what it actually costs. It is nice when someone tells you it will cost $740 and you walk in to pick your truck up and he tells you it is only $650.

Ring & Pinion Shop of Oakland

3110 W Walton Blvd Waterford Township, MI 48329
(248) 674-3277
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