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Hey guys, I'm Todd this is my first post here.

Someone near my house offered me to buy his 1987 Chevy truck (Don't even know what model yet), which spun a rod bearing, a few years ago. It's been sitting.

He told me the truck is mine for $300.. no title. (I need help on that one)

All I know is that the truck is black, and has power windows, and air conditioning, has a V8 motor and automatic transmission. It didn't look too rough but I'm going there tomorrow to visit and maybe take a few pictures.

My question is, what kind of motor should I be looking for to replace the bad one? Also, does an '87 truck like this have a computer of any kind? That's another worry of mine because if I can't find a motor specific to this truck, I wouldn't know what to put in there...

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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