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missing signias (however you spell it) [Expired Topic]

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The signias on my 'burban are missing so I have random holes in the body. Is there anything I can get to fill 'em in? or can I put something that can help give more power (somehow) or a better look?

Another question ... does anyone know where I can find a plug converter that plugs into the ciggarette lighter and on the other side is an outlet? I'm not sure if they even exsist.
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Hmm, what was on there before? Just get some bondo or try to find out what was supposed to have gone in there.

Check with your local Pep Boys or other decent auto parts store that has more of the gizmos. I've seen the split cig adapter/plug.
Most Parts stores carry a thick double faced tape for molding repair. You can then use anything to cover the holes even if the pins don’t line up, just cut or grind off the little pins on the back of the (signias) (I think you mean Insignias) or emblems. Most of them you should be able to find at a local bone yard.
The converters are available at most Wal Marts in the auto department, and most parts stores even now days.
there used to be "silvarado" "suburban" "chevrolet" and the chevy bowtie emblems where the holes are. my dad's friend took them off when he was going to paint it. we probably have some bondo in the house because my brother got his car painted and fixed all of the dents and filled in where a rubber molding was that went along his car. i don't think my brother used all the bondo.

i checked a local pilot station (its a truck stop) and i thought i saw one there about a month ago but i went back and didn't find anything. ill try auto zone and advanced auto parts, cause theres a Wal-mart about 20-30 mins away where as they are 5-10.
Radio shack has your adapter for the ciggy lighter.
oh ok. you wouldn't happen to know how much it would be would you?
Yeah, I have the silverado emblems on mine. :)
I just bought the DC to AC converter from Radio Shack. The one I bought was 29.95 plus tax. They have another one for 39.95 that has the three prong plug, plus it retains the 12v socket for a cell phone charger, etc... Those emblems for the back doors typically run about 25-30 dollars each FWIW.
How does that work, that's a bridge rectifyer if I remember correctly. Does it provide a steady 110v of AC current?
I don't know exactly know how it works, but I took a road trip to VA last week with the kids, and it powered my portable DVD player just fine. 8) Good trip for the kids in the back seat!
I shouldnt let you in on all my secrets but here is a good place to get emblems new ones pretty cheap
oh ok, thanks for the info.
The best way to fill those holes is to weld them shut. I stripped off all the emblems off my truck and am getting ready to fill all the holes, along with some small rust spots that need fixing. I think the clean look is nicer than all those badges all over anyway. ;-) just my $.02
The inverter works by converting ampreage into voltage through the use of transistors and other circuitry. It makes what is called a "modified sine wave" which may or may not work with certain appliances or electronics you plug into it, but overall, it does a great job.

Go to the electronics section at Wal*Mart and get one for about 20 dollars. It is the same rating as the one Radio Shack sells for 40 bux.

Radio Shack is PRICEY! (Always has been)
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