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MP3 Player to stock stereo

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Just bought a 2000 GMC Sierra. It has a stock radio w/CD player. There is a button labeled AUX. Just wondering if anyone knew if its possible to wire in my I-pod to this stereo.

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Those can be used for just about anything, including an iPod if you have one. However, you'll have to have a connector running into the input which is probably in the back.

Have you considered getting a wireless broadcaster that will broadcast to one of the low FM signals like 89.3? If you get a good unit, I've heard very good things from people that use them all the time. Just put a preset on your FM for that station and you're set.
I have the FM transmitter, just not completely satisfied with it. I will take the dash apart this weekend and try hard wiring to the Aux. input.
I should clarify my statement. I've heard good things and bad things about the FM transmitter. I'm not sure what the issue is, except the quality of the unit perhaps? I've been in a car with a co-worker broadcasting through his iPod and it sounded very good. However, I have heard people complain too.

What brand of transmitter are you using?
I bought a Belkin FM Transmitter from Walmart when I bought my MP3 player (Creative Zen 20 Gig). I deal with Belkin PC products at work and they are of pretty good quality. The only complaint I have is low volume (no matter how I adjust both stereo and Mp3 player) and the occasionaly cracking sound through the speakers. If someone has a better solution I will try it, and I don't want an after-market head unit. Hopefully this week I will find time to take the dash apart and try the hard wired approach.


I have seen people use their iPod push out the signal through an FM transmitter and it's sounded awesome. It was as simple as adjusting the volume on the iPod to a level that it didn't distort and then turning up the volume on the head unit to whatever you need.

Very good results. Balkin is a good brand, but it's been known as a low-end unit that is made inexpensive in China, they were one of the first. I'm not sure what their quality is now. Maybe try a Fry's or other stereo shop and see if they can give you better results. Maybe look for a different unit and return in quickly if it doesn't work right.
FYI. When you take an ipod and broadcast through an fm transmitter you lose the digital quality sound because it has to be changed to an analog signal for the fm. Anytime you can hard wire an ipod to an aux input on a radio it will be the best way to do it, albeit more expensive, but you won't lose the digital quality sound. Check with your dealer, GM must have something to adapt an ipod to your stereo. I work at a Volvo dealer and Volvo came up with stuff to retrofit all their cars from 2001 and up to work with ipod. It costs almost $250 for all the stuff but it is hard wired. And I have to explain the digital/analog sound thing daily cause their first response is always "but they only cost $50.00 at..." this is a customer base that wants to "have their cake and eat it too".
For me, the loss is not noticable. The value of the portability of the iPod between work, car and home is so incredible that I don't care about a seemingly insignificant quality loss.

My ears are shot anyway! :)
Did you ever connect the I-pod to the stock stereo?

I wanted to do the same thing but with the Microsoft Zune. My stock stereo also has the AUX button.

I wanted to know if i could just plug this in.
Just bought a 2000 GMC Sierra. It has a stock radio w/CD player. There is a button labeled AUX. Just wondering if anyone knew if its possible to wire in my I-pod to this stereo.

I have this adaptor for my '06 Silverado with XM radio and Bose speakers:

It works great. My steering wheel controls work with the iPod. Only downside: the XM radio sound quality is now degraded.:mad:
Old thread, but new insight from me.

I bought the Belkin FM Transmitter for my mp3 player too. My stock stereo sounds good when taking regular FM stations. But I cannot get a clean signal with my FM Transmitter. I tried setting the 2 presets to every avaliable station on my radio, and it just sounds poor. Moved the transmitter behind the glove box up by the back of the radio, same deal. Just does not sound good.

I'm not an audiophile who demands perfect sound, but when I try to jam out, lots of static and distortion.

I'll be hitting up Crutchfield or a local big-box soon for a new receiver and speakers.

In my opinion, the FM Transmitter was not worth it. Took it back to Target and bought a shirt.

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I was looking to do the same thing. I ordered a part that hooks sirus sat to my stalk radio which is nice but I want to include my ipod also. I have been looking at this part. Says you can control the ipod from the original radio and steering wheel.

I have not made a move on it want to make sure all the hipe is true.
Aux Input and FM Transmitters

Wanted to bump this to see if anyone's got any newer solutions.
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