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heres my problem.

first off, I have a 93 burb, 350 4x4. Engine has 12000km and the tranny and tcase have less than a thousand.

I installed an MSD 6A Ignition box, MSG GM replacement coil, and 8.5 MM wires all around. I also have a K+N FIPK kit installed.

I installed this system, and it works great. then after running for about 45 minutes, and stopping waiting a couple hours or so, and running for 30 min, and stopping. and so on through out the day. I found that I am having some serious bogging down problems around 3500rpm when the truck is at WOT, and the motor is at normal operating temp.

Now, I first tried to fix this by checking my splices in the wires and bought new plugs regapped to .050 (which is within spec for this ignition system) and reseated all the wires again.

I am kinda lost here, I am starting to check o2 sensors, injectors ( TBI btw ) other than that I am totally lost, what do you think.


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