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my 2000 silverado with 8400 miles on it

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got this truck for free from one of my oldest friends of 50 years .i have taken off the rack and dee zee boxes since the photo Land vehicle Pickup truck Vehicle Car Truck


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nice truck, you must be one heck of a friend. congrats
hey bud when you live in the bronx and know somone since they are two years old there is a friedship there that makes you as close or closer than two brothers .as we were groing up his family was my family and mine was his.thats just how life was his sons godfather and my wife is the godmother.i keep calling his son his name he reminds me of him everyday.this all came about from a terreble tragedy .my friend lost half his foot in a accident on the job.he just got his settle ment bought himself a 2011 1500 crew cab.called me up and here it is i got his baby .and here it is this thing sat in his yard for years so now the work begins i have put over 24 hours into bringing the paint back to also getting a free cap from his brother. its nice to be part of a big family.
I'll keep an eye out for ya in the Bk.....I'm there all the time....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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