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My parents traded a Toyota MR2 for this '79 (350 - 4 Speed) about 10 years ago. Drove it for a while, then steering column got screwed (tilt column), so the replaced that with a newer ('86 GMC) column (auto w/ tilt). Could never get acc power. I ran new wiring to the fuse box inside of the engine bay. Finally, I got power to it. Ignition still didn't work, got acc power, but no cranking. Got that sorted out. Starts up fine now. My problem is the fuel tank, and lighting issues...

Fuel tank - Has about 2 gallons in it, but can't get fuel pumping. How much fuel needs to be in the tank for it to get pumping good? Fuel pump is good! I disconnected the line and put it in a gas can, pumps fuel out of that fine. Lines seem fine, as I can get the faint hint of fuel when smelling/sucking on the line.

Lighting - Head lamps and parking lights work fine. Tail lights and turn signals/hazards don't work. I'm personally thinking it's just the switch in the steering column, or bad wiring somewhere, since it has sat so long. Here's the thing though, when the switch is connected the tail lights work, but as if the hazards are on (without flashing) 'cause the turn signal indicator lamps glow. How hard it is to pull the wheel and replace that switch? Would it be easier to just do a dual throw single pole switch setup like : How to Add Turn Signals and Wire Them Up

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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