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My engine [Expired Topic]

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Here's what's going in the truck in a few weeks:

Eagle crank and rods
Speed Pro Pistons
Comp High Energy 260R cam ([email protected] 0.050", 0.440" int./exh.)
World S/R Torquer Heads
Comp Magnum roller-tipped rockers
Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold
BG Speed Demon 650 carb
Dynomax Cerama-Coat long-tube headers

All in all, should be fun. Even with the small cam, I'm estimating 400 hp at the crank. I'll post a vid from the dyno run when it happens.
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That should give you quite a bit of power! What do you plan on using your Burban for?
I'm basically just going to turn it into a cruiser. Imagine a '60s muscle car Pro Touring philosophy applied to a Suburban, and that's it. I'll still use it to tow my boat, though.

And BTW: this is a "training" motor. After I take care of the rest of the vehicle, I plan on pulling it and putting it in my girlfriend's old Cherokee (after I buy her something new, of course :lol:). At that point, I want to drop in a 427 small-block with a nasty set of heads and cam, and also run a big nitrous shot on it too looking for about 900 horses. Imagine a Sub beating Supras on a dyno, and you have the idea.
That's what it sounds like to me! A street-rod Suburban. Very cool.
We used to call these "sleepers" when they get built like that.
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