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My First Truck

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Ok Im not sure if im doing this right im new so give me a break
But I Became a member because i have some questions, I just recently bought my new 07 silverado or used but its new to me. Well i purchased a leveling kit from rough country 2inch herd some good and bads on them, but i want to know when I install this leveling kit how big of tires can i go. Ive been eyeballing some Nitto 325/60/18.. I would love to know if anyone else has this type set up. How much trimming do I have to do ... Thanks
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when i had my nbs silverado i ordered teh ccm kit to level it and had great things with it... rough country isnt the worse company in the world and they have pretty good customer service. as for the tire size im not entirely sure... check the tire section its got most of the info in there... oh and also welcome to the forum.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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