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My mild GM rant!

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If GM turns out a million that look like this...

Then people turn them into something like this...

Why does GM not catch on to styling trends. Take for instance the S10 towards the last years of production everybody and there brother was putting a V8 in the thing (And doing a pretty fine job of it) So why do these trends never seem to find its way to production. 'Bout the only thing they ever caught on to was the big bling/bling rims.:sign0081:

I feel much better now, Thanks. (I think I'll go make a tea and calm down)

Any other ranters.....?
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not a rant but thats a nice slammed burb cableguy...
That's a good issue. Not sure if that will pass highway safety regulations with bumper heights, etc.

I just saw a H3 Hummer that had a full decked-out chrome trim package, including a billet-style racing fuel door.

So, there are SOME changes they're willing to make. Are they going to put out slammed burbs and have a package called the "Urban Suburban" package? Pry not, don't wait around for that.
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kind of a suburban ss which would have performance exhaust and modified factory suspension on their that would be sweet. gm should offer a number of accessories like what i see on cable guys pic
I third that!

Steve, have we checked into an avenue to quote "Tell GM" Maybe a link to consumer coments for styling to Gm Design, maybe same for consumer performance mods to the Gm power team? If enough people were looking for these options at the time they order then maybe Gm would get the clue! When My wife bought her Mini Cooper S, She could customize it complete with racing parts right from the factory, anything you could think of, as long as the $ held out. :great:
good idea, we could send ideas to GM design.

especially with that new camaro, the front end design that thing is UGLY

Did you get a chance to check out this thread?
There are two problems with this that I see:

1. GM has to design for the lowest common denominator. That is why the trucks are where they are, because it is the middle ground between the guy who will slam it and smooth it, and the guy that will put a 6" skyjacker on it and black nerf bars all around. GM has to stay somewhere in the middle so that BOTH guys will buy it.

2. The days of having millions of option packages are gone. GM, F-word, and Doge/Chrysler/Whomever are getting nailed to the wall by the imports because they offer too many optional packages, and it makes the dealers have to hold too many vehicles in stock, which in turn ties up too much money in stock and not enough is flexible. The domestics desperately need to cut their dealer network by about 1/3, offer 2-3 levels of trim for each vehicle, and cut the number of models by about 20%, just to maintain competitiveness. I think they will get a big boost when they take down the UAW this year, and force them to acknowledge that they aren't in the big spending 80's anymore. The sense of entitlement has to dissapear soon if the "big 3" are to remain. In all honesty, I don't thing Ceberus/Chrysler will be around anymore by 2010, which makes the lifetime warranty stuff make a whole lot more sense to me, financially. If you know you wont be around to honor it, promise people the moon, right?
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I think they will get a big boost when they take down the UAW this year, and force them to acknowledge that they aren't in the big spending 80's anymore. The sense of entitlement has to dissapear soon if the "big 3" are to remain.
Unfortunately this is true. I feel bad for our UAW/CAW brothers but the time has come or forever be lost....
They do the next best thing. Build and design them so that they CAN be modified. The best we can hope for is vehicles that we can build to our individual taste's and I think all manifacturers do a decent job of that.

Just my .02 worth, : )
All great points!

Skarch, I could not agree more! Depending on what side of the Union issue you are on, so goes your view! I live in a big Union town, lots of UAW workers and it really is a shame how they think, They really do believe that they are entitled. I am a small business owner and I truely believe that profit is NOT a dirty word but I also know what the market will bear, at that changes daily! I have heard people say "I am not working for any less than $24 per hour, I would rather stay on unemployment" That is a shame! My brother-in-law finally was forced to quit the Union that he loved because you can not raise a family on 20 weeks of work each year!
Yea, I know that being from Texas has skewed my thinking on Unions, but lets just look at the facts... everything that unions were needed for in the 1900's has been resolved, and now there is so much gov't oversight that we don't need unions to protect our workers. The truth of the matter is that the Unions encourage corporate greed, and they also create an adversarial relationship between the owner and the "owned". It also drives me crazy that I have a masters degree and have to work my hump off to make more than 20 an hour, and GED factory workers get that to watch a machine do a job for them....

I really think that at this point unions hinder everything they touch, and thats why if we don't get a new labor agreement, you will probably see alot of non-union GM plants popping up in the south, similar to what Toyota and Nissan have done. GM did it right with Saturn, but as soon as the UAW got ahold of it, look what happened to the Saturn reliability and cost structure.... straight in the crapper.
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need us not forget that gm does offer what we are talking about, just not on the suburban,
if you were to purchase a Colorado, you could get the off road package, raisedfrom stock hieght, bigger tires, smaller rims, and fenderflares, or the well known Xtreme package, slammed, shaved of mouldings, suspension, etc. they just have to get the hint that no one probably wants an inline 4 or 5 cylinder to go off roading. and they gotta start applying this to other vehicles that get slammed/raised.
C'mon Cable guy. You loaded with $ or something? At $3 a gallon GM needs to produce what we really want. This would probably be a fuel efficient, smal but safe car. If you really need a burb, it will be more fuel efficient in the factory version.
My daily driver gets 23 mpg and has 240 hp. I am looking for something more economical. Let us be able to tell the ungrateful Arabs to stick it where the sun does not shine. And they can survive without our money in the desolate grounds given to them.
My truck is only used when I need a truck.
Paul, I appreciate that gas is ridiculous. I'm more ranting to the styling side of things. Like take for instance the styling concepts of Dodge in the 90's to present. Ford is a non factor, they came out with the Marauder which is about 8 yrs behind the concept of the 95 Impala SS. Everything else was status quo for Ford, Ho Hum. GM has been trailing Dodge now for a few years, the PT cruiser for example was produced for a few years before GM came out with the HHR. The car is nice, but a lame attempt to keep up in styling. I think that the new charger is unique and fresh styling, the Magnum is a cool idea. The 300 is a classy little ride. We have the G6, G5, Impala and Cobalt,etc. Worked over and over in the sales room but again, Ho-Hum. Don't get me wrong here I'm a GM guy thru-thru, but my goodness am I the only one that sees the Ho-Humness of the market lately. The 50's were explosive for styling at GM we need to let fresh and inovative minds to recreate the bold fresh styling.

Again just my take on the market...
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I actually prefer the look of the suburban all nice and stock. :)
Suburban styling

I waited and said for years, "they need to restyle the Suburban" then they did and I was very pleased. I saw it at the auto show and loved it! I think Cable guy is right! and I think the new Camaro is a step in the right direction if they can make it like the concept. Gm is way to HOHUmm in styling. My burb is all black and I love it, the only mods I am going to do are under the hood. SLEEPER!!!:gasp:
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