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1.0 DIN chassis
Import ISO/DIN mountable
Electronic motorized detachable face
Electronic volume, bass, treble, balance, fader
55x4 Peak Power
Source audio memory
Rotary encoder control
Programmable turn-on volume
Multi-button power on
Keyless CD eject
1-Pair of preamp outputs
1-Pair of auxiliary inputs
iPlug Interface Cable
Black/white dot matrix type display
Selectable confirmation beep
5 Selectable EQ curves - pop, jazz, classic, beat, rock
CD-R/CD-RW compatible
Last position memory
CD pause
High-speed audible track search
1 Bit D/A converter
Anti-shock mechanism
3-Beam laser pickup

CD-R/CD-RW compatible
MP3/WMA encoded C-R/RW playback
Direct track access
Alphanumeric track search
Displays ID3v1 tags

US/European frequency spacing
30 Station presets (18 FM / 12 AM)
Auto station store
Preset scan
One-touch memory
Auto stereo/mono
Manual tuning
Seek tuning

$100 cash. I didn't think is was to bad of a deal. Mine is actually a 7700 but there identical.

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why'd you have to get a Dual? I would have waited out for a sony or pioneer... However, it's better than the stock headunit. I'm eagerly waiting to see your install into the pick'emuppper... And you better get your wife those flowers you owe her, or I'm gonna tattle on ya :gasp::party: See, that's why being single's don't have to justify anything to anyone except yourself...and for me, that's hard enough lol. That and you don't have people razzing you for stuff like this ;)

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Why'd you have to get a Dual?
Why have you heard bad things? I was going to get a video Pioneer but I've got so much to do to truck I don't want to spend hideous amounts of money. I found a rear main seal leak and some other stuff to fix.
I think I've got all that I need for now as far as stereo stuff goes.
Give me your review of Dual???

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Sweet! Oooh, after you are done, can you post an audio sample with something funky like ZZtop's Legs?

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I installed head unit but nothing else yet. I have tons of stuff to do around house so I only got it installed so far.


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a friend of mine had that same one but it broke. I'll ask him what happened with it.
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