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1.0 DIN chassis
Import ISO/DIN mountable
Electronic motorized detachable face
Electronic volume, bass, treble, balance, fader
55x4 Peak Power
Source audio memory
Rotary encoder control
Programmable turn-on volume
Multi-button power on
Keyless CD eject
1-Pair of preamp outputs
1-Pair of auxiliary inputs
iPlug Interface Cable
Black/white dot matrix type display
Selectable confirmation beep
5 Selectable EQ curves - pop, jazz, classic, beat, rock
CD-R/CD-RW compatible
Last position memory
CD pause
High-speed audible track search
1 Bit D/A converter
Anti-shock mechanism
3-Beam laser pickup

CD-R/CD-RW compatible
MP3/WMA encoded C-R/RW playback
Direct track access
Alphanumeric track search
Displays ID3v1 tags

US/European frequency spacing
30 Station presets (18 FM / 12 AM)
Auto station store
Preset scan
One-touch memory
Auto stereo/mono
Manual tuning
Seek tuning

$100 cash. I didn't think is was to bad of a deal. Mine is actually a 7700 but there identical.

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Why'd you have to get a Dual?
Why have you heard bad things? I was going to get a video Pioneer but I've got so much to do to truck I don't want to spend hideous amounts of money. I found a rear main seal leak and some other stuff to fix.
I think I've got all that I need for now as far as stereo stuff goes.
Give me your review of Dual???

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I installed head unit but nothing else yet. I have tons of stuff to do around house so I only got it installed so far.

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